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Selling Tips

If you put a little effort into displaying your item, and writing a catchy product description, you’ll be more likely to land a quick buyer.

A picture says a thousand words.

Well taken photos make a huge difference. Take your photos against a neutral background to help your clothing item or accessory stand out. Simple, clean and neat photos get the most response.

Put yourself in the buyer’s position.


Do you want to see a nice picture of their item, something that you could image yourself in, or a picture of it thrown on the bed and quickly snapped in low light? Thought so.

Include important information.


Take a photo of any labels and any defects so there are no questions left in the mind of the buyer. It will get rid of any issues that may arise from buyers too. We're giving your the tools to make the sales and purchase process as simple and transparent as possible.

Select the right filters. 

We are basing Search on the filters, not the descriptions. Your Description will be pulled from Colour, Material, Style, and Brand filters. Make sure you select the right filters so your buyer has no questions before they purchase.

Don’t be greedy. 

There is a lot of competition out there, both online and in-store so don’t set your prices too high. Do a quick check first by searching for similar items.

Just remember that we’ve encouraged this item out of your wardrobe, otherwise it would still be sitting there unsold. Better to get something rather than nothing.

If it cost $200, realistically you’re not going to get $150, probably not even $100 second hand, no matter how little you wore it.

Shipping will be charged to the buyer on top of your price.

Share your listings. 

You can’t sell a secret! We will bring you viewers, but the quickest way to get eyeballs on your listings is to share ReHomed with your own Facebook and Instagram followers. They already know you and should trust you enough to buy from you. Word will spread, and you’ll get a buyer in no time. That’s the aim, right?

Great reviews get more buyers.

Create a good buying experience for your sellers! If you are quick to satisfy any questions your buyer may have, and promptly dispatch their item, you will get a great review.

Always include a size label image
Size label.jpg
Just remember that we’ve encouraged this item out of your wardrobe, otherwise it would still be sitting there unsold. 
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