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    A Green Option For Parents To Save Money This School Year

    Parents spend hundreds of dollars outfitting their children for school. Even more if they are at private schools.

    Parents are spending up to $300 on a piece of uniform for which there is no other use: blazers, ties, formal shirts, sports uniforms, all at an age when kids are growing their quickest.

    With 3.9 million students attending school in Australia, and average basic uniform cost of between $250 to $500, the national cost to parents overall is enormous.

    Children do not usually grow in a constant way. They usually grow in bursts. A change in height and weight can occur in a very short amount of time, requiring a change of school uniform regularly. That requires the parents to outlay significant dollars, maybe at a time when they have other bills to deal with.

    34.3% of children attend independent & catholic schools (private), which have considerable tuition costs and even higher uniform costs. Whilst sending their child to these schools is a choice made solely by those parents, not all of them are affluent so the extra burden of school uniforms, which they hadn’t necessarily considered when enrolling their child, is a shock when their child has a growth spurt.

    Apart from a very few second hand uniform shops, the annual second hand uniform sale held at a handful of schools nationally, and a sparse array of social media groups selling their own school uniforms, there is no central place for parents to get financial relief from the huge cost of replacing their child’s uniform every season or two.

    Until now. ReHomed Clothing is a marketplace App for parents to sell and buy school uniforms. Preloaded with 4600 schools across Australia and using filter-based listings, it’s really simple to sell and buy school clothing items directly on the app.

    Parents simply take a few snaps of the item directly into the app, select from a range of pre-loaded filters: School; Style; Size; then add their Price and Condition of the item, select pickup, or prepaid Australia Post satchel delivery, and Save it. And it’s even easier for the buyer who selects their school, gender, and item if they just need one particular item, or leave the default search to see what’s available for that school in all styles and sizes.

    What are parents doing with all of ‘last seasons’ school uniforms? A small amount is currently being re-used but most are being thrown out.

    Whilst schools are embracing recycling of waste in the schoolyard, they are still encouraging landfill unknowingly. Schools need to encourage the re-sale of school uniforms amongst their parents.

    Schools are teaching their students the benefits of, and how-to recycle and re-use, but they can also take steps to educate the parents of their students too.

    Created by Sydney based parents of teens, Rogan and Kim Carroll, they suggest that, “January is the perfect time list your old school uniforms and look for what’s available for your child to start the school year. It’s a win-win for all parents: selling their kids second-hand school uniforms to other parents saving them some money for next year’s school costs.

    The App is available now for free download and more information can be found at