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How to get maximum eyeballs on your ReHomed clothing listing

ReHomed has given you the platform and tools to list and transact your sale, and are working behind the scenes to bring visitors to the App. To maximise eyeballs on your listing, with people who are likely to buy what you're selling, or know someone who will, we suggest you share your listing with your social network.

User feedback is that they don't want to specifically promote what they are listing, but are more than happy to bring their social network to ReHomed.

But you don't want to send it to everyone, right? Just those that can spread the word and find a buyer. Let's show you how to do that.


  • You can access your ReHomed dashboard via the "More" tab in the lower right bottom menu, in SELL mode. (You are in Sell mode when you see the Buy button)

  • This will display your Dashboard, and the My Products link.

  • Click the My Products link and you'll see a Share icon in the top right corner.

  • Click it and then navigate your way to Facebook or Instagram to share.


  • Here's how you select to post to individuals on Facebook (sorry if you already knew this).

  • Click the Friends tab and you can then select only those that you'd like to share the post with.

  • Write a message that you've found ReHomed and they might be interested in seeing all the great PreLoved clothing and accessories that are for sale.


Just remember that we’ve encouraged this item out of your wardrobe to sell, otherwise it would still be sitting. SO, let's get it sold now.

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