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How To Clear Your Wardrobe And Make Some Extra Cash

We’d all like to make a little extra cash to help with day to day expenses, and there are certainly ways to do that. One of the easiest and quickest ways, is to sell some of the “stuff” you have lying around at home. Unfortunately, not everyone is looking for that antique china your grandmother left you, or the flipper and goggle set you once bought when you thought snorkelling might be fun.

Almost everyone has a bulging wardrobe, or at least some clothes in it that will never be worn again. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to turn that second-hand fashion and accessories into cash. There are marketplaces set up to sell and buy all sort of items from cars and kayaks, to dresses and handbags; sites like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.

Whilst they certainly have all the tools you’ll need to sell your pre-loved clothes, the biggest trap is the search results they display. Listings are description based which means if you’re searching for women’s shirts you’ll get everything under the sun displayed. If you’re looking for a little black dress, most likely you’ll get a strange mix of dresses, black items, and things that are little. It’s called “results clutter”.

Another option is the array of fashion only Apps like London based Depop which encourages you to set up an Insta style profile to gain followers who then buy your clothes, and the US giant ThredUp who does the selling for you (at 20 to 90% of the sales price). There are many other Apps, large and small, as well as local websites and stores selling recycled fashion on consignment.

There is one Sydney-bred Marketplace Website redefining the selling process, helping you to clear out your wardrobe and turn it into cash. ReHomed Clothing, simplifies the listing process, relying on filters to determine what the displayed description will be. The benefit of this is when the buyer is looking for something, they are searching using the exact filters the seller used. Therefore, the search results are specific, not cluttered with irrelevant items like the larger marketplaces.

So, you have the tools to list your clothing and accessories that are taking up valuable wardrobe space, but now the trick is to get the buyer to love them as much as you once did. If you put a little effort into displaying your item, you’ll be more likely to land a quick buyer.

Tips To List Your Item To Get Attention From A Potential Buyer

A picture says a thousand words.

Well taken photos make a huge difference. Take your photos against a neutral background to help your clothing item or accessory stand out. Simple, clean and neat photos get the most response. Including a (headless) selfie shows what the item looks like on.

Shine a bright light.

Do you want to see a nice picture of their item taken in good bright lighting, something that you could image yourself in, or a picture of it thrown on the bed and quickly snapped in low light? Thought so. No matter where you are taking your photo, make sure there is a lot of natural light.

Include important information.

Take a photo of any labels and any defects so there are no questions left in the mind of the buyer. It will get rid of any issues that may arise from buyers too. The sales and purchase process need to be as simple and transparent as possible.

Select the right filters.

Search on the filters, not the descriptions. Your description is the icing on the cake, but the ingredients make the cake stand up. Make sure you select the right filters, so your buyer has no questions before they purchase. You should, also list any Imperfections so it is both written and visual.

Don’t be greedy.

​There is a lot of competition out there, both online and in-store so don’t set your prices too high. Do a quick check first by searching for similar items.

Just remember that you want this item sold out of your wardrobe, otherwise it would still be sitting there unsold. Better to get something rather than nothing.

If it cost $200, realistically you’re not going to get $150, probably not even $100 second hand, no matter how little you wore it.

Shipping will be charged to the buyer on top of your price, so bear that in mind too if it’s not a pickup.

Share your listings.

You can’t sell a secret! Making a listing gives you all the tools to present and sell your item, but the quickest way to get eyeballs on your listings is to share it with your own Facebook and Instagram followers. They already know you and should trust you enough to buy from you. Word will spread, and you’ll get a buyer in no time. That’s the aim, right? You can setup your "Social" accounts in your dashboard 'settings' page.

Great reviews get more buyers.

Create a good buying experience for your sellers! If you are quick to satisfy any questions your buyer may have, and promptly dispatch their item, you will get a great review.

Just remember that your aim is to get these pre-loved clothes out of your wardrobe, probably so you can make room for some more clothes. Not only are these Apps and Marketplaces a great way to clear your wardrobe, they are also a great source of good condition pre-loved clothing and accessories.

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