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Create Your ReHomed Listing

Login to the website

  • Select 'Dashboard' > 'Seller' > 'Create a new listing'

  • Enter the product info > 1. Basic Information

  • 'Listing name' - List your product simply : Brand, Colour (eg Blue), Material (eg Cotton), Style (eg Jacket), Size (eg AUS 8)

  • Select the category of your item: Women's, Handbags, Shoes, Less than $10, Mens, Kids,

  • Add a Description - You can probably just copy the 'Listing name' and add any other features or imperfections if need be. the clearer your description is, the more likely the buyer will be to purchase.

  • Enter the price you want to sell at and the quantity you have to sell (eg 1). This will show your estimated earnings after commission. (Price your item to suit)

  • Add up to 7 images - Be sure to include any imperfections, and a size label, and material content.

  • If you have a video of the item, of you in it, you can add that too. (Not essential)

  • Shipping - Enter your address so "Location from me" can be calculated. It really doesn't have any effect of the shipping other than a search field for the buyer.

  • Price - Check our 'Shipping' page to see what price you need to charge. Most items will fit into a Small satchel ($9.55) or Medium satchel ($12.95)

  • Click the "Go To details" button

Next Page - Set the Search Fields for your item

ReHomed provides uncluttered search results because of the fields you tag your item with.

At the beginning of your listing you selected a category. This now determines the Custom Fields that you will select.

  • STYLE - What are you selling? coat, skirt, jeans etc. Click that button.

  • MATERIAL - What is it made of? Select that material(s).

  • CONDITION - What condition is it in? Select that.

  • COLOUR - What colour is it? Select shade of ...

  • SIZE - What size is on the label? Select that size.

  • BRAND - What brand is the item? Find it in the list, OR add it below the Brand in "Free Tagging".

More Information:

Not necessary but if you have anything specific to say about the item, do it here.

Returns & Refunds

Enter this: "Purchases are firm, no return, as they are second hand goods from private sellers. You can however re-list the item if you decide you do not want it."


That's it! PUBLISH.

Just remember that we’ve encouraged this item out of your wardrobe, otherwise it would still be sitting there unsold.

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