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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list an item?

  • Open the App

  • Select Sell

  • Take 3 – 6 photos. More detail, the better.

  • Select your audience.

  • Add your price.

  • Select from the most relevant filters so Buyers can find your item

  • Add the postage cost (which the buyer pays) (Shipping Pricing)

  • Add your delivery method: Pickup or Send.

  • Add your address so buyers know where you are located.

  • Connect (or signup) your Paypal account so you can get paid.

  • Submit

It's that easy!

Do I have to pay to list an item?

  • It costs nothing to list an item. When you make a sale, the buyer pays you your listed price less 12.5% ReHomed commission. Not bad for something that was destined to live it's life in your wardrobe, or be donated to a charity bin.
  • Shipping is paid for by the Buyer, so you are not out of pocket for that.

How do I get paid?

  • We have made ReHomed a very secure marketplace for Sellers and Buyers by making the only payment option via Paypal/Credit Card.
  • Even if a Buyer is local and picking up, they still make payment through PayPal via the ReHomed App.
  • A Buyer makes payment to the Seller through the PayPal payment gateway. No Cash. Whilst it’s tempting to receive cash, it can create issues on the ReHomed App, and you won't get reviewed. Don’t risk it.
  • The payment amount is released when the Buyer confirms receipt of the item.
  • Once the Buyer clicks ‘Received’, the money is released to the Seller, less ReHomed 12.5% commission.

How do I price my item?

  • General rule of thumb is 50% of New Price if it’s still fairly new, 20% of New Price if it’s obviously used, and 10% if well-worn but still saleable.
  • Of course, there are other factors like some Designer items that will get close to New Price, or even more if they are no longer available and highly sought after.
  • Delivery cost will be paid by the Buyer, on top of your price.
  • Of course, what you set your price at is entirely up to you.
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How long does my listing last?

  • Listings are visible to Buyers for 30 days, then they are archived. You can choose to repost your item after 30 days, at the click of a button.
  • Your listing will be removed when the item is sold, if prior to 30 days.
  • You cannot remove your listing manually.
  • If you sell your product privately, searching Buyers will still contact you, and review you (Probably negatively).

How do I get reviews?

  • It is important to get reviews as they build trust with Buyers.
  • Buyers give Sellers reviews when the sale is finalised.

I forgot my password.

  • Select the "use your email address" login option on the front page
  • Ensure that you have toggled to the "Login" tab
  • Tap on "Forgot Password" under the LOGIN button.
  • Enter your registered email address and an email will be generated to you, consisting of a link for you to choose a new password

How do I finalise the sale?

  • The Buyer pays for your item.
If your buyer selected "Pickup", then Chat with your buyer to determine a convenient time for them to collect it.

If your buyer selected Mail, you now must go to the Post Office to send your item.

Sending via Mail.

  • Seller sends the item through Tracked mail.
  • Seller adds the Tracking number to the App so Buyer can track their goods.
  • Buyer receives the goods and accepts delivery as received on the App.
  • Seller gets paid.
  • Buyer leaves Seller a review.

Delivery tracking is easy.

Once the order has been received, your payment is released.

Can I return a purchased item?

No. Purchases are firm, no return, as they are second hand goods from private sellers. You can however re-list the item if you decide you do not want it.